I’ve never driven anything but old bombs. They always served their purpose for a time before meeting a variety of ends. One was stolen, one was gifted, one was taken in a divorce settlement and more than one ended up at the wreckers.

Sometimes life and love can leave you feeling like an old bomb. You serve your purpose for a time, only to be towed away unceremoniously to the wrecking yard. Sometimes there’s no part on you that’s salvageable and you end up as mere scrap metal.

With the release of our first single, Spare Parts Felicity Urquhart and I are hereby testifying that the open road can emerge even from the junkyard of life and love, and with a few spare parts and a little bit of TLC, the wheels can roll once more.

Spare Parts was the very first prompt from our very first week in song club and it was an awful lot of fun to write. It’s been an awful lot of fun recording it and making this video. We’ll be hitting the open road soon, rolling our spare parts and other tunes to audiences around the country. Can’t wait to see you out there. In the meantime…enjoy.

Happy motoring!