A Year To Remember

J. Cunningham
(From the album, The Song Club)

January fire on my doorstep
January fire in my heart
My burning feet could barely take one more step
But all I really needed was your spark
In every year some things are best forgotten
Sometimes if you could you would return to sender
But you lifted me when I was at the bottom
And you made this one a year to remember

Trouble comes with its own sense of timing
I guess a plan is never set in stone
But in the rubble of our plans a silver lining
As we worked on a vaccine of our own
It takes time for a seed to grow and blossom
It takes time to witness love in all its splendour
These moments spent can never be forgotten
As you made this one a year to remember

January brings it’s resolutions
You feel this year could really be the one
Then darkness leaves you looking for solutions
As all your best intentions come undone
Darkness will always leave you depleted
Darkness will always be a repeat offender
But the light you shine on me’s still undefeated
As you make this one a year to remember
It’s only halfway gone
But when it’s all said and done
I’ll look back from January to December
And say you made this one a year to remember